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Why Top Hat Entertainment?


When you arrive at your reception, you will be greeted by an appropriately dressed DJ, eager to begin one of the most memorable events of your life. Top Hat Entertainment is aware of the months of planning that have gone into your wedding day because we have been planning, too! From the pre-selection of music on your personalized wedding questionnaire, to the coordination of events with the banquet manager and the photographer, to the introductions of the wedding party, and more…

We will be sure, down to the last detail, that everything is perfect!



A company is only as good as the DJ they send to your event. Top Hat has helped plan Vermont weddings for years, and all of our wedding DJs have several years of experience. Our DJs have entertained groups from 20 to 1500 people, and appreciate the importance of your day. Not only do we use top of the line equipment, but every system comes with emergency backup for added peace of mind. Our DJs know how to read and motivate a crowd and are capable of fulfilling the role of as a wedding reception coordinator. We adjust our style to fit the preferences of the bride and groom, and with our experience we will make your day one to remember.


The DJs at Top Hat Entertainment pride themselves on their versatility. The ability to read a room and to adjust to the style of a crowd is essential to having a successful and fun party. Drawing on our large and diverse selection of music (over 25,000 songs) our DJs know how and when to play the music that will have your whole party on the dance floor.

Please see our FAQ below


  •   $2,950 for a five-hour package (minimum)
  • $300.00 for each additional hour of service.
  • Travel fee may apply based on distance from Burlington to your venue.
  • $200.00 deposit needed to reserve any date.


  • Full payment is due two (2) weeks prior to the scheduled event.
  • For your convenience we accept personal checks, AMEX, Master Card, Visa, Venmo or Cash.

Wedding Questionnaire

Already working with us? Please fill out our questionnaire below! This form is due four weeks prior to your wedding.

Wedding Questionnaire

Wedding FAQ

Why should I hire a DJ when I can play an iPod for free?

There are several roles that a DJ serves that are invaluable to the flow and success of the wedding. The DJ makes important and appropriate announcements, including the introductions of the wedding party, recognizing those who may be giving toasts, and letting guests know when it is time for important events (sitting down for dinner, cutting of the cake, formal dances, etc.) A DJ also serves, to a certain extent, as the event coordinator. For example, the DJ makes sure that the photographer is ready before announcing the formal dances, or cutting of the cake, and makes sure the catering staff is prepared for the toasts and cake cutting. Finally, the DJ also uses knowledge and experience to make sure the flow of music is appropriate for each event and group of guests.

Can we choose songs that are not in your library? Do we need to provide those songs to you?

YES ! We encourage everyone to make us a list of your favorite songs, or of songs that you would like played at your reception. In addition to making these selections from our online song list, you may also choose music that is not in our library. Once we receive that list from you, we will find the music that you have requested here at our office, or we can download it. Many couples with several specific requests will Dropbox the files with the appropriate music. There are occasions when we cannot find a particular song. In those cases, we will contact you to discuss the missing music. We ask to receive all music requests four weeks prior to the wedding.

Is set up time a part of the 5 hour package?

No. We arrive approximately one hour prior to our scheduled start time to set up. (For example, if we are scheduled from 5:00 – 10:00 pm, we would arrive at approximately 4:00 pm to set up.) Setting up, and breaking down, is part of the service we provide.

We need you to set up two hours prior to your scheduled start time, as the ceremony is in the same location. Is that ok?

Yes. We generally arrive one hour prior to our scheduled start time to set up. If you need us there earlier, we charge a small fee of $50 per hour for early arrival and set up. (The most likely instances of this situation would be if the ceremony is in the same location, or you have arranged alternate entertainment for the cocktail hour.)

Do you have any additional charges, above and beyond the cost of the DJ services?

We don’t have any “hidden” charges, such as taxes or regular set up fees. The only additional charges might include special arrangements, such as: uplighting, photobooths, projector and screen rental, early set up fees, a travel fee, or additional cost for overtime.

Can you provide services for the ceremony?

Yes. We provide a variety of services for a ceremony. Many couples hire us to provide a speaker and microphone for the person officiating the marriage. Others may ask us to include music for the ceremony. There is no special charge for this service; the five-hour package would just begin 30 minutes prior of our ceremony services.

Is it appropriate to tip the DJ, and if so, how much?

Many people tip the DJ. If you feel that your DJ does an outstanding job, or that he or she has gone above and beyond your expectations, you may certainly give the DJ a tip. Most tips range from $100 – $200.

Do you offer services for rehearsal dinners?

Absolutely! We love working with couples to find ways of adding entertainment services to their rehearsal dinner. Karaoke and Trivia Mania are popular choices but we can work with you to meet the needs of your party.


Sounds great, how do I book? What does the process look like?

Send us your contact information and we can send out a contract. Once you sign and return with a check (we take credit cards over the phone with 3% fee, or Venmo works too) payable to Top Hat Entertainment of $200 for a deposit (address on the contract), we will let you know when it arrives. Keep working on your timeline and musical choices and reach out with any questions!

Music Selection

Top Hat Entertainment has an extensive library of music from the oldies to the latest releases. We understand that there may be some special songs that we need specifically for your event…let us know!  We will find what you are looking for and have it available to make your party even more of a success!




*Note: If you are sending us a list of requests, please either cut and paste from our lists, or retype the requests – our library is quite large, and it’s much more efficient for the DJ to have a consolidated list!

Click here for the Music List (MS Excel)

Click here for the Music List (Adobe PDF)


Wedding Services

Photo Booth

Photo booths are a great addition to any event! Learn more about our Photobooth Services.


We have brand new wireless uplights and absolutely love them! Rent them for your wedding reception!

Many colors to choose from, and we can even have them change to the beats of the music!