Portable Dunking Booth

So how many of your friends would you like to dunk?

Our Purple Portable Dunking Booth has a trailer-mount for easy transportation and sets up in two minutes without any tools.  The tank is a 500 gallon Polyethylene Tank, Vinyl Coated Steel Protective Cage High Density, UV Resistant Seat, 250 pound weight capacity – 3 balls and a Standard Yellow Target Canvas.

We will deliver, set up and return the tank for $400 in Chittenden County.

$300, if you pick up and return the booth

15 Foot Water Slide

a20791c13f81052762b585_mThis 15 foot unit can be used as a water slide for hours of cool fun on a hot day or turn off the water and it works perfectly as a dry slide.

Our 15′ Single Lane Wet or Dry Slide is ideal for a number of outdoor events, including birthday parties, family reunions, Fourth of July celebrations, carnivals, barbecue, fundraisers and more. Whether for personal use, for company outings, or for rental purposes, this inflatable slide will suit your outdoor entertainment needs.

Club House

The 5-in-1 combo style bounce house is the ultimate in inflatable jumpers!

The large interior jumping area includes a basketball hoop along with log and pop-up obstacles. This bouncy castle has a climb feature and a convenient exit slide for hours of active fun! Parents have a clear view with the 360-degree mesh sides of this bouncy castle.


70 Foot Obstacle Course

Challenge a friend, challenge the clock, or simply go through the 70 FOOT Obstacle Course.  This challenges you through a series of demanding tests including tunnels, pop-ups, squeeze-throughs, scaling and descents.  High-visibility, you can see around all sides which allows spectators to view easily.This is GREAT for Highschoolers, College Students and Company/Town Events.

IMG_3282 IMG_3295 IMG_3339 IMG_3343

70 Foot Obstacle Course *BRAND NEW* 2016


Challenge a friend, get a bunch of friends and play the old school game of TWISTER!
Not so easy on an inflatable version, but sure does create lots of laughs and fun!  Great for High School and College events!
OBJECTIVE: To not fall down and win the Twister game.
PRICE: 2 hours for $300 or $400 for 3 hours
DIMENSIONS: 12 ft. x 12 ft.
BLOWERS: 1 air blowers, power required

Velcro Wall

Like a fly on flypaper! Soar acrobatically through the air and land on our 14-foot “super stick wall”. Go for height or go for style. Endless jumping possibilities.
OBJECTIVE: To achieve the highest or most acrobatic landing.
BLOWERS: 1 air blower
  • 14 foot inflatable wall
  • 8 different sized suits

Bouncy Boxing

Got a problem? Step into the ring! Take pals, CO-workers, even your boss into our 12 x 12-foot inflatable ring, strap on the oversized gloves and swing away.
OBJECTIVE: To get the TKO in one of three (90-second) rounds.
PRICE: 2 hours for $400 or $500 for 3 hours
BLOWERS: 1 air blower, power required
  • 2 sets of oversized boxing gloves
  • Protective gear

30′ Obstacle Course

Challenge a friend, challenge the clock, or simply go through the Kids Sized Obstacle Course.  This challenges you through a series of demanding tests including tunnels, pop-ups, squeeze-throughs, scaling and descents.  High-visibility, see-through mesh around all sides allows spectators to view easily.
OBJECTIVE: To have as much fun as possible.
PRICE: 2 hours for $300 or $400 for 3 hours
BLOWERS: 1 air blowers, power required

Bungee Run

The horizontal adaptation of bungee jumping! Contestants sprint down an inflatable alley while harnessed to an elastic cord – until the law of physics takes over

Black Ops Course

Are you ready to take on the mission? This two lane obstacle course is a one of a kind experience allowing the participants to have the feeling that they are truly engaging in a war of dexterity. Battle your opponent to victory as you make your way through the bricked wall entrance, down the path of stone pillars, crawl throughs and passageways. The journey doesn’t end here as you reach the rock climb wall leading to the uniquely designed teeter-totter pivoting bridge, then down the slide to the finish line!

Gladiator Joust

Competitors climb atop platforms and use oversized padded poles to try to knock each other off and onto an inflatable bed. Great for any High School, College or Company Party!

OBJECTIVE: To knock each other off onto an inflatable bed.

BLOWERS: 1 air blower, power required
  • Jousting ring, Jousting poles and protective gear.

Tootsie Roll

Any time is a good time for a Tootsie Roll.  Can your party get any sweeter?  Tootsie Rolls and candy has been a delight to children and tickling taste buds for a long time now.  How many jumps does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll 5-in-1 Combo? Find out!
The 5-in-1 Combo style is hands down, the grandest of our licensed combo styles with over 250 square feet of brilliant fun!  The Tootsie Roll 5-in-1 provides ample jumping area, a basketball hoop, log and pop-up obstacles, a climb feature and a slide that exits to the outside of the unit for easy exit or easy re-entry.

Water Slide

Hook up the hose and let the heat slide right off you in Vermont’s inflatable water slide. Enter the fun zone, climb the hill and slide under the waterfall to a splash landing below.

It’s long and lean but will fill your yard with screams of joy just the same. The confetti design side walls will remove all doubt as to where the real party is. Fun for all ages and no life jacket required to spend a day under water.


Safari Bounce Castle

Be a part of a journey and expedition. Explore and investigate. It promises to always be a wild party with the Safari Adventure Club! Bring the brilliance and adventure of the Serengeti to your next gathering.

Eye-popping animal artwork surround the unit! Balloons rise above the party and invite the crowd in. High-visibility mesh around all sides allows spectators to view easily. Jump with the animals and let your jungle roar out.


Mickey Mouse Castle

Bring the world of Disney to your party.  And what a star-studded line up it is. Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, Minnie Mouse, Daisy Duck and even Pluto.  The gang is all here!  This bounce castle fills a room with fun.  Plenty of room for your group to jump and play all day.  Did you bring enough cake?

Mickey’s Fun Factory is an attention-grabbing unit that offers a big bounce area wrapped inside a fun design that every child enjoys.  Showcase Top Hat at your next event and watch the faces light up and the children roll in.